Friday 7 October 2011

What Deptford is saying: part 2

This objector begins with a plea, then summarises her case below:

May I urge the Mayor, Councillors and Officers of the London Borough of Lewisham to reject this planning application.

The London Borough of Lewisham, right at the moment, has this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a decision that, for Deptford, will be favourable, prestigious, sustainable and permanently economically advantageous.

Please choose a future for Deptford and not just a clichéd, high-rise past. Evidence shows (Olympic site) that such building works bring only temporary jobs. Should high-rise flats prove be a mistake for Deptford’s riverside, as they have been so proved elsewhere (numerous demolished high-rise blocks), once they are built, and become individually owned, there will never again be an opportunity for the London Borough of Lewisham to reverse its mistake.

Deptford’s historical potential
The reinstatement of Deptford’s historical heritage will inevitably lead to World Heritage Site status. All docks and necessary surrounding areas were, and could be, working docks for didactic, historic and contemporary boat building purposes. Working areas are not compatible with residential uses. Residents complain of industrial sights and sounds (inter alia, Teddington, Isleworth, Eel Pie Island, Brentford and along our Thames)

Deptford’s employment potential
Deptford’s significant maritime and naval south-side Thames bank, with its deep-water, downstream location means that The London Borough of Lewisham is the only London riparian Borough that now has unique and special economic and employment opportunities in the naval, maritime and related industries. Londoners need these industries and Deptford people need relevant local jobs. Financial sector jobs are not relevant to Deptford people (UDP).

Deptford’s economic opportunities through its proximity to the Olympic site

The London Borough of Lewisham has immediate economic opportunities on this site opposite the 2012 Olympics venue.

Destructive effects of high-rise developments on Deptford’s side of the Thames
There are significant material reasons for rejecting the application. These are, inter alia, that the applicant’s submitted documents show that the wind effect of the proposed high-rise blocks located on Deptford’s bank on this curve of the river will cause river mishaps: mishaps that could lead to death. Further, the applicant’s submission shows that its own residents will be blown off balconies. Perhaps the balconies are designed to be cosmetic only?

Factually incorrect, misleading or alarming documents submitted by the applicant
There are errors, misleading statements and alarming assertions in submitted documents. Please eliminate all documents from your consideration that contain errors or misleading statements. Please take very seriously, alarming revelations. It would be a travesty if a decision were to be made on false information or made knowing the damage that the applicant intends to make to Deptford and other parts of London.

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