Friday 16 December 2011

Deptford is.. forging links in the wider community

Last week's Evelyn Assembly meeting offered a great opportunity for Deptford is.. to make new links in the local community and to present its plans to Evelyn ward's councillors.

While we have been working hard to tell people about our ideas, and to get out and about making connections with other local organisations and community groups, there are always more people to meet!

Despite a lack of cooperation from the projection equipment, Deptford is.. member Bob Bagley managed to inspire the audience with verbal imagery of our plans to build the wooden Lenox warship, to recreate John Evelyn's lost gardens, and to install seven bridges over the former waterways that connected Henry VIII's dockyard to the River Thames.

As a result we have established new links with youth groups and community organisations that we had not previously had the opportunity to meet, and intend to work with them to try and establish some common aims which we can cooperate on in the future.

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  1. Reference was made in the meeting to letters sent to Hutchison Whampoa by both John Miller and the GLA - is there anywhere I can view these? I'm also a little unclear on exactly what stage the planning application is at? Does the project already have outline permission, for example?
    Brilliant work, DeptfordIs - I'm forwarding a link to everyone I know.