Sunday 20 November 2011

Evelyn Assembly Tuesday 6 December CANCELLED

We have just been told by the organisers that this meeting has been cancelled due to 'circumstances beyond our control'. If you haven't yet had chance to find out about our proposals for Convoys Wharf, or you have questions to which you've been unable to find the answers on this blog, feel free to come along and hear our presentation at the Evelyn Assembly in a couple of weeks.

The meeting takes place at the 2000 Community Action Centre, 199-201 Grove Street, SE8 3PG and is on Tuesday 6 December from 7pm.

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  1. Heritage Assets For the Benefit of the Local
    Community and the Nation's Cultural Heritage as
    a Whole Deserve to be Properly Utilised.

    Korea and Russia have made Magnificent Efforts
    with Bringing to Life Heritage which was Vandalisticly Destroyed and the Royal Dockyard
    Site at Deptford is Worthy of such Efforts

    A Splendid Combination of Past Present and
    Future is Better than just Bland Skyscrapers
    and Sterile Modernism

    Apart from the Revived Trades involved in Wooden
    Ship Building the Re Building of Old Buildings
    at Deptford would also Revive Old Skills as Well