Sunday 18 September 2011

Deptford is...what?

Is it really just the down-at-heel neighbour of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, a slightly shabby but arty neighbourhood surrounded by council estates?

Most people are vaguely aware that Deptford has some kind of maritime history as well as links to John Evelyn and Samuel Pepys, but because there is little physical trace left above ground, and no attempt has been made to investigate Deptford's heritage or exploit its full potential, even many long-standing residents have forgotten about its historical significance.

With the proposed redevelopment of Convoy's Wharf, comes an amazing opportunity to reconnect Deptford to the river and rediscover its maritime prowess while at the same time regenerating a huge swathe of derelict land along Deptford's waterfront.

'Deptford is..' wants to see positive and sustainable development along the riverside, and has some exciting proposals as to how this can be done. These proposals will reinterpret and exploit the heritage of the area while at the same time creating major new tourist attractions, safeguarding Deptford's maritime links, and creating skilled jobs for local people.

We think that this crest is more applicable to Deptford than it is to Greenwich, and we intend to back up this statement over the coming weeks and months.

The fact is that Deptford is many things to many people, but we think it has the potential to be so much more.