Friday 30 September 2011

Heritage is...Great

On 22 September, the Government unveiled a series of posters and postcards that will be seen and handed out at business events and receptions. They emphasise Britain's exceptional record in the arts, innovation and education – as well as promoting the nation's heritage and natural beauty. The GREAT Britain brand cost £510,000 to develop. 

Apart from choosing Holbein's Portrait of Henry VIII (1540) as the image to best represent Britain's heritage, we are also amused that the advertising team launched "xxxx IS GREAT" four days after we came up with the name DEPTFORD IS...(great)...

We might have to send No.10 a postcard...

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  1. Deptford has claim to the foundation stone of the dockyard bearing Henry's cypher that reads AX (anno christi) HR (Henricus Rex) 1513
    set below a flame headed gothic arch which at the the time of its discovery in 1954 was described as the work of an artist craftsman without equal.