Tuesday 27 September 2011

Need more inspiration for your planning objection?

Having said already that we believe there are many shortcomings in the planning application for Convoy's Wharf, it is also clear that there are many different ways to write your objection.

In addition to our short summary and contact details here, there is further inspiration/information and technical detail available at the Shipwrights Palace blog here, and at Crosswhatfields here.

*updated: Commenter proctor has pointed out this article by George Monbiot about the government's proposed changes to the planning system. As Monbiot points out, the changes are being sold on the prospect that communities will have the power to decide on developments. The truth is that while they may be able to support developments, they will have no powers to defend their communities against unsuitable ones.

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  1. interesting article by George Monbiot in todays (27-9-11) Guardian about Planning laws